Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - Can Too Sky

Can Too Sky
(Can Too Cherokee X Can Too Dehliala)
2010 moorit twin ewe

Sky came to Mapleton Farm from PA. this summer, from Judi Lehrhaupt's Ewe Can Do It Sheep Farm.  Her brother was supposed to be brought in as a potential flock sire but he broke a horn to the base so I opted to buy the twin ewe lamb instead.  Her mom is mioget so I was hoping she would be as well, but not looking like it as of now.  One of these days I will get a true mioget!  If she gives me one, bred to Storm below that I think may carry the modifier, I will be VERY excited.  I wasn't going to bred any ewe lambs this year but decided to give the ram lambs one ewe each for a short time and see what happens.  She was well over 50 pounds this fall and has good width to her hips so if she took, I don't expect her to have any trouble.

She is very beautiful but the least friendly of my flock.  Currently the only one I can't get a hand on daily.  Hopefully once she has a lamb and we can spend some time becoming friends with the new family in the jug, she will come around.  I can't wait to spin her fleece!  Her grand sire is Mac's new ram at Spring Hill Farm, Maple Ridge Colin.  Her great grand mother is Nancy's Alice!

Depending on what I get in terms of  moorit ewe lambs...Sky, Bella, or Peanut might be offered for sale this summer.

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