Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Featured Ewes - Seeing in B&W: Mapleton Destiny and Mapleton Violet

 These two Minwawe Bahama daughters are personality plus!

 Both coming two year olds.  Both black and white spotted and carry moorit.  Mapleton Destiny "Dessie" has a longer more double coat and is flecket.  Mapleton Violet "Vi Vi" has shorter crimpier single coat and has HST markings.

 Dessie is a Minwawe Serendippity daughter.  I also retained her twin siblings from this past year:  Storm and Hope.  Her twin brother Mapleton Rip Tide is sire to Peep's son Mapleton Buster Brown who is at Utopia Farms, and Rip Tide is flock sire to a Shetland farm in CT.  Serendippity is in PA at Spring Hill Farm with Bahama and her half sister Silver Bell.  Dessie is bred to Zeus for her first lambs...I really hope if anyone can bring spots out of him, it will be her.
 Mapleton Violet is a Hid Bid Hester daughter.  Also bred to Zeus.  A second year in a row for her.  I loved the ram lamb she produced with him.  I put a few photos of him at the end.  He is now a wether at McKenzie Child's with C.C.'s daughter Annick and Mapleton Liberty Bell.  Violet  is an exceptional mother just like her mom.  She has retained her true black color, with no sign of iset or age greying.
  I need to get a good full body photo of Vi, she is so friendly she almost always has her nose in the camera lens so I literally have to run away from her to get a good shot.  She is great on the halter and was one of our "PR" girls this year, going to McKenzie Child's in Aurora with her lamb in the spring until he was weaned and making an appearance at the Farmer Heritage Day at the Mike Weaver Drain Tile Museum this summer.
I wish you could feel this lamb!  I think maybe the softest of  that lamb crop and so consistent from front to back.  Perfect little tail and very square, although it is hard to tell from this photo since he is standing on slight slope.  And you got to love those fuzzy cheeks!  He was very friendly so we decided to wether him.  I thought despite his wonderful qualities indicating  he could be a breeding ram, using those qualities to represent the farm and Shetland Sheep as part of the "garden tour" at McKenzie Child's was the perfect alternative for him.  Now if Vi and Zeus can give me a repeat in ewe form...she might just be staying!


  1. They are both just beautiful! There's nothing like that crisp black & white.
    You know that Dessie is one of my favorites and I hoping for a black & white ewe lamb this year. Sally

  2. There is isn't there? If bred to something that is B, Buster might just give you what you are looking for. I can't remember his breeding group, I will have to go back to your blog and look. Did you see your boy's lamb photo in today's post? Home stretch it won't be long now. I better order my spring things: seeds for starting and lambing supplies. Hope you are keeping warm. A few more weeks and we will be tapping Maple trees and maybe even have a litter of puppies. Although she is not looking any bigger yet but my cat is, hmm a litter (or two) of something I guess. It sure is going to be non stop around here before I know it.

  3. aww so cute kara!!! thats awesome your dog may be having puppies!!