Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last of the Meet the Flock Series: 2010 Retained Ewes

Well this series is getting long.  Maybe I have too many sheep!  I am grouping the four ewe lambs, coming yearlings together, as you have met many of their relatives already.  It is WAY too cold for a photo shoot so as you may have realized I have been recycling photos.  Here is a relatively recent one of Mapleton Hope.  She is a Dessie full sister and is black and white HST twin ewe.  Her twin is Storm.  Dad Minwawe Bahama and mom Minwawe Serendippity.  She had a one day with emsket katmoget ram lamb Spring Hill Patches so we will see if she settled.  She is more reserved than her older sister Dessie but I think she has been hanging out will Sky too much!  Her lamb fleece is longer stapled but finely crimped when parted with a nice soft hand.

Another ewe lamb retained was Minwawe Sprinkles' daughter Mapleton Cupcake.  She is her mother's mini me with a more outgoing personality.  She is a twin and also sired by Bahama.  She was not in a breeding group this year.

 Okay group shot but see the little sweetie running toward me, front and center?  That is Mapleton Bella.  Very sweet, lovely fleece.  Very tiny.  Not bred this year.  Her mom Minwawe Cha Cha is a petite ewe so I am hoping she is a late bloomer and will grow well this summer to at least her mother's statue.  She is also a Bahama daughter.

(Mapleton Zeus X High Bid Hester)
2010 grey katmoget twin ewe
Not bred this year.  She is so sweet, so correct, so soft , and a cool color and pattern to boot.  She is Violet's half sister and the only Zeus lamb retained to date.  I am really looking forward to seeing his lamb crop this year.  If this ewe lamb is any indication of what he can produce, it will be a good one!

Well that is a wrap and I will leave you with some assorted pictures of the ewes featured above.  Now all there is to do is WAIT!!!!!!!  Shearing is usually beginning of March and lambs start arriving third week of March  with the Cheviot...oh how could I forget my non shetlands to feature?  I guess I will do that as their lambs arrive.  All lambs will be posted here.  If you see any fleece or lambs that interest you be sure to give me a shout!


  1. I have no hopes of spotties this year, but I sure am looking forward to seeing some katmogets pop out! I have really enjoyed meeting your flock; it would be fun to have more myself but I will be content....

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I am not sure how many spotties I will get this year. Hoping Zeus and Neville carry spots...
    I am really looking forward to the lambs whether they are solid, patterned, or spotted! The hard part is picking who gets to stay as I am getting close to my cap in terms of numbers. We will have to make some really tough decisions. Are you going to keep a katmoget lamb? They are hard to resist!

  3. I am hoping to get a keeper katmoget ewe lamb this spring!