Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Featured Ewes - Crossing the Lines Mapleton Peep and Mapleton Opal

What do you get when you cross the katmoget lines with the spotted lines in my flock? 
 Mapleton Peep (Mapleton Cooper X Minwawe Marshmello)
2009 twin musket yuglet sokket ewe
Bred to Swiftriver Neville for 2011 lambs
2010 single ram lamb by Mapleton Rip Tide pictured below:
 Okay he was my very favorite ram lamb this year.  He too went to Utopia Farms because he was just too related to the rest of my flock.  I love how the Kermit/Cooper/Zeus line crosses with the spotties.  Just produces very correct lambs.

And last of the two year olds but certainly not she is my personal favorite:  Mapleton Opal
Opal is by High Bid Kermit and out of Minwawe Pearl
2009 fawn katmoget single ewe

Opal is expecting her first lambs.  She was in HarvestThyme Champ's breeding group and the only one I saw him take any interest in.  Her back ram was Zeus.  These two have the longest fleeces in my flock.  I love the luster and it spins like a dream.  It has very soft handle and I know the rams used this year will improve the microns on the lambs.   I love how elegant these ewes are, they really have a look at me quality about them.