Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rosie is bred: German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies Expected

Not only are we expecting 30 or so lambs and  2 goat kids, and my barn kitty that is looking suspiciously fat, my German Short Haired Pointer Rosie is showing signs she is bred.  She is AKC  registered.  Rosie was bred in January to "Spud" at Spud is a AKC Master Hunter, Prize #1 Utility NAVHDA dog, and OFA Excellent and Cerf. clear.  Rosie is not formally trained for hunting but is a great family dog and very intelligent.  She will even herd chickens and sheep for me and is very good listener and willing to please, and is in excellent health.  She is my trail riding companion so she flushes all sorts of animals and birds out of my way on my rides, so I am sure she would have been an excellent gun dog had we ever put the time into training her.  We are planning to keep one puppy and do just that, either putting the time in ourselves or more likely sending her down to Dave's for training.  So if you know of anyone looking for a GSP, pass the word.  Pictures of puppies will be posted here when they arrive mid March.
Snowing like mad here at the moment.  Too blustery for pictures today so these summer pictures will have to do.


  1. I am thinking going back to teaching is not in the cards for quite a long time! You are the busy beaver! And how about those garden plans?LOL We got a lot of sleet and its icy now...but I don't care cuz I am off from school tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks Mac!

    Yes Kristi, I have painted myself in a corner haven't I! With the economy the way it is and the deep cuts Education might be in for on the both the Fed. and State level, I don't know even if I wanted go back full time right now if I could find a job. I am working part time in a related field. I figure I am retired now and will go back to work later and have to work forever!