Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - Minwawe Sprinkles

 Minwawe Sprinkles (Minwawe Cupid 2 X Minwawe Marshmello)
2008 moorit and white flecket single ewe
Sprinkles came at Marshmello's side as a lamb.  She is reserved with her affection but is slowly coming around.  She has fine, short, and the most single coated fleece in my flock.  Her color is almost fawn and she has had two lambs that I have registered as such.
 If you are interested in Sprinkles lambs...please keep her fleece type in mind.  Her ram lamb from her first lambing was outstanding but I get a sense, after the fact, that he went to a flock that was looking for something other than that type of fleece.  I could be wrong, but to be sure that doesn't happen with any future lambs I want to you all to be perfectly clear on her fleece type.  Fleece samples of parents always available.
 Minutes old and look how square that ram lamb is!

This past year she had twin ewe lambs...also unbelievable!  I almost kept them both but "Misbehaving" (cleverly named so by her new shepherd) had a tendency to go through my electronet.  You can see her at Utopia Farm with Mapleton Buster Brown and Minwawe Cha Cha.  Cupcake pictured on the right stayed and has her mother's soft super crimpy dense fleece.  Missy's staple length seems to be a little longer in the blog pictures I have seen of her recently.
Sprinkles was in with fawn katmoget Mapleton Zeus' breeding group this past fall.  Really hoping Zeus carries SPOTS!  I think she will be one of the first Shetlands to lamb this spring.  If I don't get something spotted, katmoget, or modified wouldn't be bad either.


  1. Sprinkles is beautiful! Which makes me even happier that Missy is in my flock, now. Hoping that this Spring, Missy has a lovely spotted lamb or two, that look just like their Grandma.
    Happy Lambing!

  2. She is so pretty kara!! still my favorite of your ewes!!!

  3. Thanks Sally! I think you actually have the best one of the least the most correct ear set! :)

    Hi will always have first dibs if I ever sell her!

  4. thanks! :) i think you should keep her lambs and sell her this year hehe ;)