Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three more lambs!

Yesterday, both Quechee and Cappy had their lambs.  Cappy a fawn spotted katmoget, bred to Seneca, a moorit HST ram.  She had a ewe lamb...that is mostly...wait for it...WHITE!  Okay, seriously!  She is genetically a fawn katmoget, covered by a lot of white spotting.  She is a cutie!

Then you have Quechee's twins, finally a little color...maybe both modified.  In the form of....wait for it...RAMS!  Okay not laughing, but who could be upset about these two healthy beautiful ram lambs?  These two from a gulmoget mom that has a polled dad, and half polled sire, may be full or half polled.  Have to wait and see if they have any horn growth.
So I have some stunning colorful ram lambs and yearling lambs that will be for sale.  One yearling white ram, and a whole bunch of white ram and ewe lambs.  Other ewes or ewe lambs may be available after we look at our numbers and make our selections.  Not sure which ewe or ewe lambs will be available yet, but know there will be some white ones, as I can't keep them all.  UK genetics with Drum Jings and Heights Orion in the mix.  One left to fawn gul/kat, bred to Seneca.

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  1. Cute lambs, going to have to make that decision myself of not being able to keep them all .... decisions, decisions.