Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's start with the first lambs born:
Hester's single ewe lamb

Cupcake's single ewe lamb

Marshmello's single ewe lamb
Then the next group of lambs:
Topaz's single ewe lamb
Peanut's twin ewe lambs
Pearl's twin ram lambs
On deck:


Missy and Quechee

Peanut again
 One other katmoget, Cappy, on deck as well but I guess I didn't get a photo of her.  So lots of patterns to come.  That makes one gul/kat, two kats, two gullies, and a moorit to lamb.  Also ABA Lava is white, and white is dominant to all patterns and colors.  However, Lava's mom is a katmoget so I have my suspicions as one of Pumpkin's twins shows some signs of having hints of  kat under her white...

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