Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opal's Twins

Opal finally had her twins last night.  She was HUGE and had two good size twins in a textbook delivery. The spottie is a ram.  Not sure what color he is, not black and don't think he is moorit.  Lava (white), with a fawn kat mother, is his dad. Opal is a fawn kat with a grey mother.  So this lamb could be?   Any thoughts?  He is sort of non descript, like the dressing room on Downton Abbey, in different light I change my mind to what color I think it is.

The ewe lamb is....yes...white.  Today was their first outing and the ewe lamb was not so sure about the wide world.  I only left them out for a little while I watched them as they were less than 24 hours old.

Opal is an excellent mother.
Only 4 more to go!  Time to do a barn check.

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