Thursday, April 11, 2013

First lambs...FINALLY!

Hester had her single ewe lamb yesterday.  Not the one I expected to lamb first.  Hester hid this lamb well.  She is HUGE!  The rim around her eyes is rose colored, Hester's is black.  With a fawn daddy is it possible that this lamb will be a modified black?

 Cupcake and her grandmother Marshmello decided to lamb at the same time this morning.  So far a single from each, but I am not positive they are done yet.  I placed them each in a large jug with their new ewe lambs and came in the house to give them a little peace.  These two are very private and would hold on forever waiting for me to leave, so I will just have to go back and forth from house to barn often to keep an eye on them.  Cupcake had a moorit and white ewe lamb and either has more in there or was very over fed this winter!
 Marshmello had a mini-me big white spot ewe lamb, either black or grey, but will carry moorit.  A good size lamb, so Marshmello may actually only single this year.
 Here is a photo of Hester's lamb next to Cupcake's...born within 24 hours of each other.  Cupcake and Marshmello were both bred to Seneca.
 Hester the week before, post-shearing.  She didn't look that big or act that close to lambing!?

Cupcake on the other hand:

Some pre-shearing photos for you:

More to come later, time to go do another barn check!

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