Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peanut's Twins

Peanut had twins last evening.  One ewe and one ram, and both white but will carry moorit.  These babies are F2 Drum Jings.  The ram's fleece is so interesting.   Very crimpy and soft, very consistent all they way to his tail, but looks like it will have a longish staple length.  So many of the crazy crimpy ones have shorter fleece lengths.  The black and white ram of Pearls is very crimpy all the way to his tail too.  I really think these F2 rams are very special.  I can't wait to see them mature.  Peanut's ewe lamb is a cutie too.   I plan on keeping very few rams this year, if possible.  I also plan on only keeping one white ewe lamb.  The challenge will be deciding which one, all looking very nice so far.  So if you are looking for white, give me a shout.  I have F2 rams of both Heights Orion and Drum Jings available now, so if you are looking to add UK genetics, please inquire.

 Here are the first pictures of Peanut's pair:
(ABA Lava AI X Mapleton Peanut Brittle)

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