Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Mapleton Seneca

 Seneca is the sire of the handsome ram lamb in last post, and three beautiful ewe lambs.  He is a yearling F2 Heights Orion (Swiftriver Neville X Can Too Sky).  He is available for sale, as are all the yearling rams.  All ram lambs are also for sale this year too, as I think I am going to take next lambing season off (if possible).  With that being said, if anyone is left come fall, I may put just a few ewes in a breeding group.  However, I am hoping all you nice followers help me out, and scoop up some of these handsome rams while supplies last!  Here are some more photos of Seneca after shearing, excuse his bad hair cut.

 Here are his ewe lambs from this year!

 Oh and a few more photos of Seneca:


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