Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet Mapleton Liberty Bell

This is"Libby".  She is Minwawe Silver Bell's and Mapleton Cooper's daughter.  She was exposed to Harvest Thyme Champlain.  Both may or may not be mioget...more likely they are both moorit as neither lightened up as much as I expected them to.  Maybe by breeding them together I will be able to figure out if either carry the modifier.  She is one of Cotton Candy's grand daughters and can often be found with the family unit of Cotton Candy.  All who are related to her tend to hang out togehter.  Very sweet and outgoing.  She is extremely square and has a perfect tail.  Her fleece is the probably the most double coated of all of last year's lambs.  Champ is single coated so I am hoping for a nice intermediate fleece from the combo.

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