Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Minwawe Serendippity

Minwawe Serendippity (Minwawe Pan X Minwawe Prancer)
2007 HST Black and White Twin Ewe
Serendippity is one of the Missouri 8 that joined my flock in the summer of 2008.  Bred to Minwawe Bahama she had twin lambs her first lambing in the spring of 2009.  Both flecket, Dessie black and white, and Rip Tide moorit and white.  Her lambs were big and grew well and ate often, I am afraid as a first time mom she couldn't keep up with their demand and ended up with mastitis in one side of her udder...I suspect from the beating it took from her overzealous twins.  They were weaned at 6 weeks and I was able to save Serendippity but not her udder, she lost an entire side.  I may end up bottle feeding her lamb or lambs this year but I decided to take the chance, as her lambs were outstanding.  I had planned to breed her to Zeus but she had other plans.  She and Bahama and ended breaking out and into to pens to be together, so I gave in to their plan and she was put in with Bahama for the remainder of the breeding season.  If her lambs are born in April, they are Bahama's, mid March they are Zeus', inbetween I might have to do some paternity testing.  Luckily for me Zeus is katmoget which will make sorting it all out a bit easier.


  1. Stay in touch!!!! Are we going to be able to do a possible lamb swap this summer??? Love the pictures!!!

  2. I will and keep me posted too...a swap is a possibility. :)

  3. Are you looking for something in particular, Kara? Color? Markings?

  4. I would like to add some more modified colors, dark brown, mioget, emsket, or sheala. Your gullies are very nice too, but I think two of ours are related so we would have to watch that. I also am waiting until I see if Zeus is a gul/kat. His mom Olympia is from Scott. Did you breed Rosie this year?