Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Minwawe Sprinkles

This is Sprinkles.  She is by Minwawe Cupid 2 and out of Minwawe Marshmello.  She is a moorit and white flecket and  a coming two year old.  She had an outstanding fawn flecket ram lamb last year that in hindsight I should have kept as his micron average was 23ish (I don't have them in front of me at the moment) and he was an all around very well built boy.  So I am leaning toward keeping one of her lambs this year, I would expect her to twin.  She is my first to lamb this year I believe.  She is bred back to Minwawe Bahama in hopes of repeating the great results from last year.  She is the finest single coated ewe in my flock.  I am keeping her fleece, and Dessie's, this year to process myself as the flecket gets muted when mill prepared for roving.  I want to see if I can make some nice variegated yarn.

So that is the last of the Shetland ewes.  I will feature my Corrie and Cheviot in upcoming posts and they will have crossbred lambs this year.  Then I will do a meet the flock sires:  past, present, and ideas for the future series on the rams.

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