Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet the Flock Sires at Mapleton Farm: past and present

High Bid Kermit, micron 23 intermediate, lambs retained Opal, Carmel, and Peanut
 His son:  Mapleton Cooper, micron 24 intermediate, lambs retained Libby, Peep, and Zeus
Cooper's son:  Mapleton Zeus, fall micron 24 intermediate (Edit here:  Spring micron 22.9!), breeding group Hester and Violet
 Minwawe Bahama - intermediate spring micron 24, lambs retained Violet and Dessie, breeding group included Cotton Candy, Pearl, Cha Cha, Sprinkles, Marshmello, Serendippity, Olympia, Hershey, and Spooky
 His son Mapleton Rip Tide:  double coated Peep and Carmel in his breeding group
 Harvest Thyme Champlain:  fall micron 25 single coated had Liberty Bell and Opal in his breeding group
 I didn't have the micron report in front of me...I remember the whole numbers for most of them off the top of my head but would have to look what it was to the tenths.  If you need/want more specifics, just let me know and I can dig it out. 

FUTURE:  The only rams above still here are Champ and Zeus.  One or both are half polls, but most the ewes were with the full horned former flock sires:  Bahama and Rip Tide.  Their genetics are a mystery as I am not sure if either are modified and Zeus might just be double patterned.  Their future here depends heavily on the lambs they throw this spring.  I usually sell my rams at 18 months and if I continue to do so, both these rams will be available for sale late fall.  I will most likely bring in an unrelated ram this summer through purchase or trade and will likely keep my favorite ram lamb.  I should have a little bit of everything for buyers this spring in terms of lambs.  About a month away now!  I can't wait!  Let me know if anything in my flock sparked your interest.  As lambs arrive they will be posted here and on my farm blog.


  1. What will you be looking for in a ram? Just curious....
    I really like Riptide's picture! Where did he end up?

  2. Hi again,

    Rip Tide went to Dr. Burrows in CT. His parents are bred together again this year and he is twin to of your favorites.

    First and foremost, I am looking for new lines, since I kept many ewe lambs last year to build up my ewe flock. I like intermediate fleece the best. I lack modified black in my flock so I should add some at somepoint, but not necessarily with a ram. Then the basics focus on conformation and temperment. My rams have had very laid back nice personalities so that is a trait I would like to continue to bring in. I seem drawn to Heights Orion offsping for some reason so that is a possiblity in my search. I know that you have stock from Nadine and Scott...I very excited to see what lambs you have this year as well. :)