Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Non Shetland Ewes

My first three sheep consisted of these two below and the Shetland ewe Twin Springs Cotton Candy.
 Spooky was the first sheep here in 2006 and she is a Border Cheviot.  Spooky had a Shetland crossbred ewe lamb as a two year old, and twins...a ewe and ram as a three year old.  She is bred to Bahama for more Shetland cross lambs.  Her ram lamb last year, we wethered and kept for our own freezer and the meat is outstanding.  She is bagging up already so it won't be long now.  I am hoping for more ram lambs from her.
This is Hershey a Corriedale, Finn, Dorset cross bred triplet from Bear Farms.  She arrived at our farm the same day as Spooky.  SHE IS HUGE!  So I would not be surprised if she had triplets herself this year.  She had the cutiest Shetland cross bred twin white ewe lambs last year as a three year old.  I really loved her lambs and in hindsight should have kept one.  She is friendly big teddy bear.  Her lambs were sold to spinner flocks last year.  This year her ram lambs will be wethered to be raised as market lambs or for our own freezer, and any ewe lambs might be offered for sale to spinner, pet, cross breeding flocks, or 4-H homes.  If I decide to keep one of her ewe lambs...I might offer Hershey for sale.  There is a limit to how many "big" sheep I want to keep in my flock.  Since I like to use young rams, it is sometimes difficult to have one big enough to cover Hershey and her two year old year my ram lamb left her open.  Unless I decide to get a different ram for more crossbred lambs, I might decide Hershey would have more to add to another flock.  She is wonderful mother, loves to be stratched between the shoulder blades, and is haltered trained.  She gave me a beautiful 12 pound fleece last year!

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