Saturday, August 27, 2011

F2 Heights Orion Keeper Lambs and Fall Breeding Plans

 This is Peep's son by Neville.  Please excuse the burdocks...the boys were bad and got into everyone they could they were looking for them!  I am keeping this lamb and the one below that is Carmel's son.  Neither will be used this fall but given the year to mature.  I really like both these ram lambs and they both have black and white HST twins that are still for sale.
 The plan is that Neville will get the largest breeding group with 10 ewes (2 sold).  Two other ram lambs will get a breeding group: a katmoget son of Zeus' and Sprinkles' and the fawn gully of Olympia's and Champ's.  They will get two ewes a piece (all B) to avoid BB lambs when possible.  Neville will get two B ewes but both are also patterned and carry moorit Bb.  All ewe lambs like the ewe lamb below will be given the year to mature as well.
 This is a fleece shot of one of the F2 ewe lambs.  Two black F2 ewe lambs are still available as well as a dark moorit ewe lamb and 2 katomoget ram lambs of Zeus'.


  1. That spotted ewe lamb is ADORABLE!

  2. Nice thing is she is as sweet as she is cute, always the first to approach for scratches. She is the one that spent her first night in the house and then was welcomed back with no hesitation by Marshmello the next day. Her name is Fluff and she is my pearl replacement. She also has the sweetest baa. Thanks for stopping by Michelle.

  3. they are all so pretty kara!!! congrats on great sheep!! sorry i have been silent i have been out of state with friends and without internet!! hope all is well with you!!

  4. Hey mac...good to hear from you. Hope all is well.