Sunday, August 7, 2011

Possible Change in the Sales List

I try to sell my lambs quick so I don't get attached to too many of them.  Well that is the theory anyway.  Some folks wait to even place their lambs on their sales list until they mature more and can be fully evaluated.  That way you don't let keepers go by being too quick to sell.  Well I have too many keepers as far as I am concerned because I like them all and I have to try to move more lambs before it gets too hard.  I have had to say some hard goodbyes this year already but with 54 sheep post lambing it was inevitable.  If all my sheep were carbon copies of each other it would be easy but the Shetland diversity makes it more difficult and more enjoyable, I guess you take the bad with the good.  So this lamb below was originally to be sold and if someone doesn't want her quick I might not be able to let her go at all.  She is a possible polled or half poll...and spoken for twice but the first home chose a more friendly ewe and the second had transportation issues getting her to TN.  So maybe it is a sign that she belongs here.

 If she stays I might sell the black F2 ewe of Peanut's with horned genetics.  Peanut is also being removed from my sales list due to the unexpected loss of her triplet sister and sale of her mom.  I am keeping her moorit daughter pictured in the center as well.  Peanut may be for sale again next summer.
(Excuse the recycled photos below) Peep has been making her case that she needs to stay and been sucking up to me every time I go out to the pasture.  Her beautiful fawn half sister left yesterday and another half sister Sprinkles is also sold, so Peep will be staying for this breeding season.  Might be available again next summer.
 Everyone has had to give up some of their favorites in order to keep lambs, so Pearl on the left still for sale.  I love my pretty Pearl but Marshmello's F2 ewe lamb is just as beautiful shade of grey and will be staying.  If Pearl is here this breeding season that will give me 13 adult ewes of breeding age...3 less than this past year so I am making progress keeping my numbers in check either way.  I would love to see her go with her beautiful F2 solid black ewe lamb, so a package price is available.  It has not been easy but have met some wonderful folks this summer and glad I can help them with their flocks.


  1. Ugh! I love the look of that ewe lamb! But I promised my self I was not buying any animals this year and I have been good! I have to many kid bucks to relocate!