Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wet Wool!

From my recent posts you can see we need the rain.  And did it ever rain yesterday, flooding my basement kicking the sump pump and dehumifier in high gear but not before it got my  2011 wool clip wet!  UGGGG!  I know I usually have it skirted and sent to the mill by now but remember my skirting helper? (FINN PUPPY)  I have not been back to it since!  So I went outside and took wet wool on the hoof pictures once the rain let up.  A few of my keeper ewe lambs:

Plus I will keep one (hopefully only one) black ewe lamb featured in the last two posts.  I really like them all but I will be using Neville again this fall on most if not the whole adult ewe flock so I have to be careful how much big B I have.  At least three and maybe the fourth are Bb.  How did I go from keeping only 3 lambs ( I distinctly remember saying that) total to keeping 8 ewe lambs!!!!!!  But honestly how do you choose between all those patterns and spots and possibly some modified ones in the group?  All have the intermediate fleece length with very soft handle and luster that I prefer but are coming in super crimpy at the skin which was what I was trying to accomplish with the breeding pairs.  I think I need help!  Don't even get me started on the rams!


  1. It's got to feel GOOD, though, to have reached your goals so quickly and have such a problem as too many ewe lambs that are JUST what you want! I hope to be there someday; still working on combining length, crimp, luster and that all-important "extra-fine and soft texture."

  2. I realize that it is not everyone's ideal but I am pleased with my results. Thanks Michelle!