Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two ram lambs...unregistered or fiber pets to be wethered by your own vet...

 Violet's grey ram.  Where did THAT tail come from?  I have no idea...but he is a friendly fellow and has beautiful fleece.  $100 OBO as an unregistered ram OR have your vet wether him for a fiber pet. 
 Then we have Carmel's black and white that stuck his head through the welded wire panel in the barn turned it, got stuck and proceeded to tear the horn sheath off, leaving the horn core intact.  A new sheath is growing over the base and is looking good.  He is BEAUTIFUL and still looks like a horse colt to me...long and square.  He is an F2 Heights Orion.  Can be sold with or without papers as a ram or have your vet wether him for a stunning addition to a fiber flock.
A note on Carmel:  I did lose her recently to a freak trama to her eye (not sure what from the vet thinks she got HER head stuck somehow in something and damaged it getting free), followed by the excessive unforgiving heat.  Although I got her through it, she lost her eye and subsequently I made the heartbreaking decision to let her go.  She was one of my finest most correct ewes and I miss her.  I will keep this ram's twin in her stay.


  1. Oh Kara, I'm so sorry about Carmel! I'm glad you have a daughter from her to keep, but I know it's not the same.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It is actually the flashy white and black katmoget that I am keeping. A ram so not the same, but I am glad to have him. I think I will take her sister off my sales list as well. Thanks, it is do frustrating when fluke things happen. My vet told me it was nothing I did or didnt do accidents just happen sometimes, but o guess like with all accidents you replay in your mind how you could have prevented it. Sorry for the phone wont let me go back without erasing everything.

  3. So sorry about the lose of Carmel Kara. It's heartbreaking to lose any of them, and that is always amplified when it's such a great lose to your breeding program as well.