Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sales Status

Neville, Cotton Candy, and Sprinkles have had a deposit made on them, and will leave as  a group in November.  Bella and Marshmello's fawn ewe are being picked up this weekend.  Storm leaves in a couple weeks and still waiting to hear about transportation for Pearl's ram lamb.  Anyone want to take a  ram lamb to Cape Cod for me?  Hope's ewe lamb was sold this week.  So what do I have left?

Black ewe lambs:  Cotton Candy's krunet and Pearl's solid (F2 Heights Orion) by Neville, and Hester's spotted (likely poll carrier)

Morrit ewe lambs:  Dessie's solid dark morrit and Opal's (possible poll carrier and possibly modified)

Katmoget ram lambs:  Dessie's fawn and Violet's grey (longer tail would sell without papers for $100)

Black and White F2 Heights Orion ram lambs:  Carmel's and Peep's

Two Saanen goat kids, one buck and one doe

Here a few photos I got of the ewe flock this morning before the rain, which you can see we really NEED:

And Finn...all other puppies have sold.  He stays and is a great dog!

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