Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have been trying to get this ram lamb on the right to Cape Cod all summer to no avail.  So before any final travel plans are made or abandoned I wanted to let Veronica (and others) have a few last views of some options.  So Peep's son is on the left and Pearl's on the right.  Both handsome guys, horns looking very good.  Both F2 Heights Orion.  Intermediate or more of a longer staple fleecce.  Both HST with nice tails.  Peep's friendly, Pearls reserved...much like their moms.  Neville is a laid back very calm ram.

 Here he is with Zeus and Dessie's son in the background.  That katmoget ram is also so for sale.
 As is Dessie's daughter shown here with her mom.  She is so dark moorit!  The black ewe lamb of Peanut and Neville's, another F2 Heights Orion is also still available.  Will carry moorit from her mom, not sure about spots, possible but not definite.
 Cotton Candy's F2 ewe lamb with the krunet will carry spots.  She is a big ewe lamb.  She will also carry moorit and possibly the modifier.
 Here is she again on the right, standing on a railroad tie but still she is surrounded by yearlings and adults...Peanut's ewe lamb is the other black sheep in the photo.
 And had to include Neville and the ram lambs in their new location, enjoying fresh grazing and browse.  Many beautiful ram lambs still available.  Puppies, adult sheep, a few goats, all sold... now to move the rest of the lambs before winter.  If you see anything you like be sure to inquire!  Discounts on multiple purchases.  Still about 10 over my target number for winter.   Unfortunately for my sheep my next door neighbor is a meat processor and owns his own plant. He is always asking if I have any available. Those boys are way too nice to meet that fate but I can't winter over 10 rams.  Now is the time to go ram shopping for fall!
 Two more photos for Veronica...Pearl's first then Peep's:

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