Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I can hardly wait ALREADY...

I am so excited to see what Neville throws!  Waiting is the hardest part!  I just love this ram.  He is so laid back, easy to handle, and good to his charges...whether they are his ewes during breeding season or the other rams in the off season.  Just fair, even though he is head ram, and so calm.  Not pushy or overly friendly in the least but not afraid to be handled by us either, very trusting and respectful.  Here he is putting up with Patches scratching on his horns.  Then there is the fact that he is an F1 Heights Orion, had great microns to go with the wonderful hand of his fleece, and has nice conformation to boot.  He really is as impressive as he looks in his pictures.  This is my blog so I am allowed to gush about him.  Afterall I didn't breed or raise him so it is not like I am bragging just really, really optimistic about his influence on this year's and future lamb crops here at Mapleton Farm.  April can't get here soon enough!


  1. Sounds like you recognized a great ram when you had the opportunity! I hope his lambs meet and exceed all your expectations. I am anxiously awaiting lambing, too, which for me begins in just two months. Like you I hope I get some lambs with their sire's great conformation, dense, fine fleece - and my first katmogets!

  2. hes really pretty kara!! what farm did he come from??...glad patches is doing well, horns ok?, his brother nugget torments the older boys by scatching and rubbing on them too lol

  3. Michelle,
    I had been thinking about buying Neville since he was a yearling. I just couldn't shake the idea of him and I am so glad it worked out. I have always had a thing for Orion as many of you know.

    I bought him from Swiftriver Shetlands. Bruce is very nice, has some very nice animals, and takes very good care of them if Neville is any indication. If you google his farm, his web sight should come up. He also can be found on the NASSA sales site.
    Patches right horn is questionable...all depends how it makes the turn and when and if it begins its rotation out. Right now it tips inward on that one side. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I'm anxious, too :0) keep me posted!!!

  5. ok cool thanks! ok keep me posted..also wanted to let you know i started my meet the flock series yesterday :)