Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - Minwawe Marshmello

 Minwawe Marshmello (Minwawe Spots X Moo Chris Licorice)
Grey Flecket 2005 Twin Ewe

I didn't know were to start with meet the ewes flock series.  Marshmello (still not sure why it is spelled like that) is the most viewed ewe on this blog, so what better place to start.  She is the oldest ewe in my flock.  She joined us in 2008 with the Missouri 8 that came to me from Meadowwoods when Mary Ellen was dispersing her flock.  In that group was also her ewe lamb Sprinkles at her side.  Before arriving she had only ever singled.  Here she has twined for me the past two years.  Pictured below is Mapleton Peep and S'more (2009).  If you have seen Shepherd Valley's lambs this past year, they were sired by S'more.
 In 2010 she had twin ram lambs:  Mapleton Thunder is at Hidaway Farms in NC and won his ram lamb class and was Reserve Champion Shetland Ram and the NC State Fair.  I can't wait to see his lambs with the lovely ewes down south.  "Muffin" was smaller than his twin was wethered and joined a fiber flock here in NY with several other sheep and lambs from Mapleton Farm.

 One my favorite things about my MO sheep, besides their loud their nice straight backs as you can see in the photo below.
I do love my Miss Marshmello.  She was in Neville's breeding group...hoping for some lovely grey lambs!  Maybe they will even be spotted!   She is not white...She is grey covered with a very large white spot.  To date I have kept both of her daughters and one of her grand daughters.


  1. shes very pretty kara!! is she one of the flock leaders? it kind of seems she gives off that "im a leader" vibe

  2. C.C. is in charge...hands down. ThenHester. Mello is only in charge of yearlings and lambs...she will not challenge anyone with higher rank than her...but chased Quechee around for days when she was introduced to the flock.