Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - High Bid Hester

 High Bid Hester (Maple Ridge Logan X High Bid Gladys Lucille)
2007 black triplet ewe
Hester is a favorite to all around here.  She is a friendly tail wagging sweetheart.  Halter broke very easily but didn't decide she loved us until her first lamb was born.   She is a wonderful mom...lambed as a yearling with no trouble and had HUGE twin lambs the past two years unassisted.  I love her fuzzy poll and cheeks!  She is BB, as she has only ever given me black lambs.  Hoping for a modified black this year.
 Hester pictured below with her lambs:
2010 twins black ram and grey katmoget ewe (by Mapleton Zeus)
2009 HST black and white ewe lamb and black smirslet ram lamb (by Minwawe Bahama)
2008 black scurred ram lamb (by High Bid Kermit)
Hester was in with Harvest Thyme Champ for the first part of breeding season, and was then in Zeus' back up group.  I suspect her as a poll carrier due to the scurred ram lamb she had her first lambing, so this breeding will help me test that theory.   Her ram lambs the past two years were fully horned.  Two of her rams are now wethers, Atticus and Blackberry, and are with Marshmello's "Muffin" in the lovely fiber flock here in NY.  Archie is a ram being shared between two new Shetland flocks also here in NY.  Her ewe lambs have been retained:  Mapleton Violet and Mapleton Silvermist.  Although Hester has some age greying or iset in her fleece, her daughter Violet has retained her blue black color.  Hester's sire Logan is now up in NH at Painted Knoll Farm.

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