Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - PikeHill Olympia

 PikeHill Olympia 
(PikeHill Stanley Pease X PikeHill Poa)
2008 Fawn Gulmoget Twin Ewe

This ewe is maybe the most favorite of the entire flock.   She is in your pocket sweet so impossible to get a good picture of, as she is always running your way to get some attention.  She is F4 Enfield Greyling, F4 Roban Dillon twice, as well has Willowcroft Jamie 4 and 5 generations back.  Her soft fleece and excellent conformation is only rivaled my her outstanding mothering ability.  She has lambed twice for me.  This past year she had twins, a ewe and ram, by Bahama.  The twins have a wonderful home with a new flock with 3 other lambs from this past year.  I was VERY tempted to keep her ewe lamb.
 Can you see why?  Meet Mapleton Fiona
But having kept her ram lamb from the year before and knowing that when she gives me a gully, that lamb will stay, I refrained.  But it was really hard.  The only comfort was knowing what a wonderful home she was going to.  You couldn't ask for a better Shetland to built your flock on, having her mother's wonderful disposition. 
 Olympia above trying to figure out the German Shorthaired Pointer who thinks she is a herding dog.  Who by the way may be expecting a litter herself.  She had a  weekend away with a Champion Field hunting GSP.  Stay tuned!
Olympia below with her first lamb Mapleton Zeus, by Mapleton Cooper.
 Zeus as you know was retained and had a breeding group of his own the past two years.
 Zeus' lamb photos
Okay so here is the mystery...look at that noggin...I wonder if she carries polled with her linage and head shape.  To test that theory she was in with Harvest Thyme Champ before he left, a half poll that could carry modified.   However, I never saw him have any interest in her in the least.  I fear he may have left all his ewes open she went in with Neville a few weeks after just in case.
Either way, I am really looking forward to her lambs.  If I get a gully or a modified lamb they will be staying.  The twin might be offered for sale.  If she was not settled, I will be very disappointed to say the least.


  1. She is gorgeous kara!! hopefully she will have lambs this year! :)

  2. I have no clue on head shape; I can't figure it out among my own flock of known poll-carriers, known horned-ram carriers, and two ewes whose may or may not be poll-carriers. But she's beautiful!