Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Twin Springs Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy was my first Shetland ewe.  She will always remain in my flock and is flock "queen" and all her subjects know it!  It works out well as she is very friendly.  Most of the time she follows me...everyone else follows her.  Who needs a herding dog when you have a Cotton Candy.  Her breeding is  Twin Springs Gideon X Twin Springs Gemma.  She was single born to a yearling mom in 2006...but has twined (2008) and carried triplets (2009) herself.  Her color is still up for debate.  A registered fawn but I sometimes question if she may also be Ag.  I retained a ram lamb and two ewe lambs from this ewe (Cooper, Carmel, and Peanut) and she is the grandmother to three other lambs I retained (Libby, Peep, and Zeus).  I lost Cooper to a horn incident involving his father and the fence, his son Zeus is filling his place in my flock for the time being.  Cotton Candy is smirslet so I am very excited to see what type of flash her and Minwawe Bahama will throw.  Most of her lambs from this year will be available for sale this year...although I might be tempted to keep just one! : )

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