Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Mapleton Peep

 Meet Mapleton Peep (front and center)
I am running out of good individual pictures...I think I need to go out and do a photo shoot but I have a few left to work with.  This is Peep (Mapleton Cooper X Minwawe Marshmello).  Now she is musket for sure!  I own her mom and half sister as well.  Her twin brother S'More was sold to an excellent home with Duet, Cha Cha's yearling daughter.  Peep is also and HST meaning she has white markings on her head, socks (legs), and tail.  Technically that makes her an smirslet (almost yuglet) sokket.  From the day she was born she makes you take notice.  Even my DH who as really little interest in the sheep is often found saying "wow WHO is THAT one!"  She is very friendly and has a bit of a take charge attitude and presence which I would expect nothing less from a Cotton Candy grand daughter.  She was exposed to Mapleton Rip Tide before he was sold.  I hope she took because that should make for an outstanding combination.  It will be moorit based, may or may not be Ag (50% chance) and will definitely be SPOTTED and loudly!

Here is a rear view of Peep.

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