Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Minwawe Cha Cha

This is Minwawe Cha Cha.  She is a moorit ewe that will be four years old this spring.  She is by Minwawe Pan and out of Minwawe Dancer.  She had single ewe lambs the past two years, but I think she will twin this year, as she is almost as wide as she is tall right now.  She is the most shy of my flock but if one would survive in the money would be on her.  I love her fuzzy cheeks and her fleece spins like a dream with lots of luster.  She is bred to Minwawe Bahama and I am very excited about her lambs.  Cha Cha or her lambs, will be offered for sale after weaning, but not both.  She has so many great qualities, I can't let her genetics slip out of my flock but there is a limit on how many solid moorits I will retain in my small flock.  She carries spots so I expect some flashy lambs!

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