Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two weeks Till puppies Tuesday!


  1. Oh you are gonna be so busy! Did you have her ultrasound? One thing I love about the sheep and goats is that those babies are just ready to go ASAP. Puppies and kittens just take so much more time to get going....What is an average litter for Pointers? And I will assume you are keeping a puppy?????

  2. Hi Kristi,
    Yep, beginning to panic slightly. No ultrasound but she is has got a big baby bump and is bagging up already. Not sure how many, she sure is big though and has always been so slim. I will have to get some body photos of her. Yes the idea was to breed her once and keep a puppy because she is such a great dog...not sure I am up for doing this more than once. We bred her to a really outstanding stud dog so her pups should be really terrific. I am excited, but with lambs beginning to drop just after St. Patty's day it should be very busy to say the least.