Monday, March 21, 2011

Puppy Love, Nekkid Sheep, and Lambing about to Begin

The Cheviot is off her feed and if you have seen her, she is not one to miss a meal.  Today is the first day of possible lambs, starting with her to lamb first.  So I will keep this brief with words and leave you with some pictures.

Shearing went well.  The shearer that came due my regular shearer being injured, seemed to be pleasantly surprised with my Shetlands.  He raises Merinos so I will take a complement from him on their quality!

The puppies had their dew claws and tails done and are gaining well.  Rose is still a very attentive mother.  She is wonderful with people coming to see the pups, however has communicated with our other GSP Lucy that the same tolerance does not extended to other dogs.  Consequently Lucy has retreated to an upstairs bedroom the majority of the day and won't go near Rose or the pups.

Have to go do a barn check so here are the pictures:


  1. Rose is so beautiful and you've done such a good job of portraying her personality that I WANT ONE! Fortunately, you are a LONG way away and I have two fine dogs already with no room for a third.

  2. Thanks Michelle, that is why we wanted to let her have one litter. She is such a fantastic dog, we wanted to replicate her. So many people just love Rose when they meet her that we thought she should have a chance to pass those great qualities on. Now where are all those people that said if we ever breed her to let them know?