Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zeus' Group

Left to right:  Dessie, Hershey (Corrie X), Quechee, Violet, Spooky (Cheviot), and Sprinkles.  Zeus in front.


  1. hopefully you wont get solid brown lambs crossing the black spotties and katmoget like you have in the past LOL

  2. No joke, all those rams could theoretically carry spots, but if I get a whole lamb crop of solids I am going to be frustrated. I would like a few solids but not all. Neville did have a small krunet as a lamb so I am keeping my fingers crossed there. At least if Zeus doesn't carry spots, he will give me about 50% Kats. Champ also could carry spots and has two patterns in his group and most likely carries the modifier (as do both the patterned girls) but I modified black from Hester would be nice, spots or no spots. Patches has decided that without the big boys in his pasture that I am not so bad afterall (too busy watching his back before to get too close). Still think he might end up with a ewe lamb group before the season is over...I will keep you posted. Patience was never my strong suit! :)