Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 23rd and 24th Breeding Groups Put Together

I'm exhausted!  But the groups are done.  Zeus got his group yesterday and the Cheviot was bred within minutes.  The rest of the groups were put together today.  Sorting was an event with a goat that wanted very much to be included!   None of the Shetlands were receptive to their rams but Neville and his ewes are in the south pasture.  Zeus and his in the North in the old sheep shed/pump house.  Champ and his ewes are in the barn.  The rammie lambies are still out back.  The goats and lambs are in the big shed now that the fencing as been replaced/repaired.  Pigs in the garden and the horses even get to keep their stalls and don't have to give up their current turn out!  Lots of groups to "deliver" feed/water too, since the chickens are still in electro net as well.  But is only for a short time so it will be okay.  Well I guess it will have to be.  I was able to get a photo of two groups before it got too dark and my camera stopped cooperating.   I will post pictures of some of the rest as soon I get some good ones.  So lambs are expected right on schedule as the last few years.  The week of March 20th with the crosses and the Shetlands to follow.  Lambing here is usually complete by mid April.

 Left to right:  Peep, Marshmello, Neville, Carmel, Cotton Candy, Peanut, Pearl in front.
 Potential poll carriers:  Hester, Olympia, Opal... Champ will help determine if they really are.
 These three ewes are my personal favorites.  Pictured:  Hester, Olympia, Opal, and Champ.
All three ewes are strong in my opinion.  Champ might be able to add a little more width in their stance.  They are straight just not as wide as he is.  All have a fair amount of crimp, nice handle, luster...which he also has but he is tighter crimped so could add that to their fleeces.  I had second thoughts when I saw my "faves" in a group and wondered if I was putting them with the right ram.  Once I added him and looked again, I was sure I did.  Champ has a lot to offer and in with his girls he is very content and more manageable.  He even let me scratch him, and he hasn't let me do that in a year!  He needs a flock where he is the only ram or could be kept separate.  I could give you a second ram for free to be wethered by your vet as his companion...if anyone is in the least interested please inquire.  Little Country and Windswept lines.  Registered as such and looks modified to me.  Polled is your chance to give it a try.


  1. If Champ contributes his one "horned ram" gene and each of the girls do, too, you could end up with ALL fulled horned stock from these pairings. Of course, they are likely to mix up their genetic contributions more than that. It is hard working with half-polled stock! (Ask me how I know. :-)

  2. Fully polled or fully horned would be my preference. A half polled doesn't really help me much in trying to determine the ewes' horned genetics. I am basing my hunch on Hester's first lamb being scurred (she had two fully horned rams after that with different sires). And Olympia having Roban Dillion in her pedigree, more than once. Her and Opal have similar shape heads to Hester's. Opal's dad is the sire of Hester's first lamb, just to complicate matters, and her mom's ram lamb from this year has very small horns. I am just trying to sort all that out with his test breeding group. Hoping for some answers.