Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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 Hi all,

The rams are getting serious being November and all.  Most of my Shetlands will lamb the first two weeks in April.  I have had a few folks visit the farm and others emailing, so if are interested in a lamb this spring, be sure to let me know your "wish list" if you are looking for anything in particular.  Note how many lambs, ewe/ram, color, patterns, markings, fleece type, you are interested in.  You can email me at my yahoo email which is:  karamapstone(you know the rest). We should have plenty of lambs for everyone that is interested, but with a few starter flocks to fill, the ewe lambs may go quick.  Also my friends that are entertaining a lamb swap, be sure to give me the heads up.  I may have a few adult ewes for sale this summer, depending on what we keep of the lamb crop.  There are usually enough rams/wethers and cross breeds to go around.  Those of you that decide to wait to see what we get, I am sure we will have something for you as long as you are not looking for something in particular, so be sure to check back in the spring.  Lamb photos will be posted as they arrive.  In the meantime meet the flock and flock posts will be posted, so check back often.



  1. I like the new Maple leaves background for your blog. Very seasonally appropriate, as well as a great theme to go along with your farm name!
    Remember.... I'm looking for a lovely little black & white spotted ewe lamb, like your Dessie. I'd love to lamb swap. Buster & Jaguar should have a very splashy lamb or two, if you want something back from your lines. I have Missy in Kestrel's group. So with either one you would have 1/2 your breeding & 1/2 Windswept. And then there's handsome Mitch, he has has 5 beautiful ewes in his group... I'm so excited for Spring lambs. Talk to you soon,
    Sally Mason-Kennedy, Utopia Farms


  2. Sounds good Sally! Have you on the list!