Friday, October 15, 2010

Duplicate Post

Breeding Groups 2010

I think I have made my final decisions after writing it down 100 times since summer, typing it out on my computer, and rechecking my thoughts every time I visit the ewes or the rams.  So here they are, to be put together by the end of October:

Swiftriver Neville AI (black...may carry spots)
- Twin Springs Cotton Candy (fawn smirslet)
- Mapleton Carmel Apple (fawn katmoget)
- Mapleton Peanut Brittle (moorit)
- Mapleton Peep (musket HST)
- Minwawe Pearl (grey yuglet flecket)
- Minwawe Marshmello (white with grey yuglet markings) 

Mapleton Zeus (fawn katmoget)
- Harvest Thyme Quechee (black gulmoget)
- Mapleton Destiny (black and white flecket)
- Mapleton Violet (black HST)
- Minwawe Sprinkles (light moorit flecket)
- Hershey the Corrie cross
- Spooky the Cheviot

Harvest Thyme Champ (mioget half poll)
- High Bid Hester (black)
- Pike Hill Olympia (fawn gully)
- Mapleton Opal (fawn kat)

Mapleton Storm will be clean up ram for Champ, and Spring Hill Patches will clean up for Neville, as both are unproven.  I might add a ewe lamb or two  to the clean up group or groups late in the season.  I was thinking Hope to Patches group, at the very least.  Also thinking about finding a buck for Whistle.  That would give me about 17 bred, and roughly 21 Shetland lambs, 4 cross breeds, and 2 goat kids.  That is only a few more than the past two years, so certainly manageable.  I will post pictures of the groups once they are together.  Here's to the wait!  I better start knitting and spinning to keep my mind off of it!

My wish list this year includes a modified ewe lamb, a gully ewe lamb, and a nice soft grey ewe lamb which is why Neville is getting all my Ag ewes.  Out of the 9 ewes not on Zeus' list, he is related to 6 of them.  I love my Hester & Zeus daughter from this year so I could be tempted to repeat that pairing, but I really would like to see if I could get a full poll ram lamb out of her as her first lamb was a ram with very small scurrs.  She has only given me black so I am also thinking I could get an emsket with Champ.  Although Zeus may carry modified as his mom Olympia is fawn.  The other two not on Zeus' list are ones that have produced something similar that I have kept.  I have Pearl's daughter with Zeus' grandfather Kermit (Opal), and Marshmello's daughter with Zeus' dad Cooper (Peep).  So I thought I'd try something different this time around.

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  1. The groups sound great!
    Can't wait to see what you get.
    Can't wait to see what I get, especially after last Spring!