Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be patient...that is what I keep telling myself...

I really am trying to not breed any of the lambs until next year but it is so hard not to be tempted to throw one of these fine ewe lambs in a breeding group with one of the handsome ram lambs.  I will TRY to be patient!  Good news is that means I really like the lamb crop and new additions and am pleased with my choices.  I am also very pleased that I sold some very beautiful lambs to some very nice people again this year.  It is so exciting to be part of the development of their Shetland flock.  I should have a little something for everyone next year so look forward continuing to do so.  Like longer double some.  Like intermediate...have some of those too.  Like short tightly crimped fleeces...have those too.  Got patterns, colors, and spots.  Have domestic stock and some UK genetics.  Mix it all together and it should be a VERY exciting lamb crop.  Here is a look at some of the lambs from this year:
 Mapleton Storm the perfect replacement for his sire Minwawe Bahama.
 Mapleton Silvermist, grey katmoget.  The only Zeus lamb I kept this year. I am looking forward to more from Zeus this spring.
 Silvermist again with Mapleton Hope.  Storm's twin sis and perfect replacement for her mom Minwawe  Serendippity - both parents are together again at  Spring Hill Farm in PA.  That is the farm that the very handsome ram below is from:  Spring Hill Patches.
 And speaking of PA...Can Too Sky joined our flock from Ewe Can Do It Farm.
Then we come to Mapleton Cupcake.  Can you say yum!  Take a look at her fleece!  It is the "frosting on the cake" as her conformation and markings are very nice as well.
 So I kept three Bahama ewe lambs (4 Bahama babies total).  Pictured from top to bottom:  Cupcake, Hope, and Bella.
 So time will tell.  If anyone ends up in a breeding group it might be Hope with Patches, and Silvermist with Storm.  Sky and Cupcake tie for third biggest but I think they will be keeping my petite Bella company, as she is definitely in the need of another year to grow.  She weighs the same as Quechee did last year and as a yearling is just as big as everyone else this fall.  I think that some just need that extra year more than others.

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  1. they are all so pretty kara!! patches has grown up so much!! i miss him :( but im glad he has a good home with you :)