Friday, June 5, 2015

Lamb count 22

Ram swap anyone?  I will trade any of these handsome rams if you you have a nice unrelated ram for me.  I will keep one ram to use, at this point I don't have a strong preference for which one.  All are very nice looking ram lambs.  All are F2 Drum Jings, two are F3 Heights Orion (moorit and the flecket with more black).

Total two moorit, two black and white flecket, three spotted katmogets


Totals 4 ewe lambs:  one fawn, one moorit, one gulmoget, and one grey flecket.
Cheviot/Shetland Crosses
(except adult shetland ewes in the photo center and left)

7 ewe lambs 4 rams lambs, opposite of the Shetlands so 11 and 11 all together.  11 and 11 Shetland to crosses, and 11 to 11 ewes to rams.  These crosses are very cute.  All are for sale.

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