Saturday, June 27, 2015

A word on Pricing

Pricing is something I always struggle with.  So here is my philosophy:  I base my current prices on what I paid for my breeding stock, and what I traditionally have gotten for my sheep.  I always fret when I see "fire" sale pricing for a variety of reasons.  One, everyone has been there at some point and we really shouldn't judge as we all might have a need to do the same someday.  Two, I don't want to undercut fellow breeders that have worked very hard as well.  Three, I don't want to sell myself short.  Four, I want to be fair to my customers.  Five, I want good homes for my Shetlands...these are not culls.  If I was to sell them at bottom prices, I might as well sell them at auction.  But with all those contradictions aside, if you feel you want to make an offer and you can provide a good home, please feel free to make an offer.  All reasonable offers will be considered.  These are healthy, friendly, in many cases proven sheep.  All Shetlands are registered or can be.  If you want a pet or handspinner flock, without papers,  the prices may be less depending on your selection.

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