Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lambs, lambs, lambs....

They have arrived, all but one ewe to lamb.  There are spots, solids, kats, and a gulmoget in Shetland.  A lot of rams it seems.  There are also 9 Cheviot/Shetland crossbreds (all the solid whites).  The cross rams are freezer lambs, but the ewes are available for sale if anyone is interested.  I am not sure which Shetlands will be for sale, lambs or adults yet.  Might be interested in a ram lamb swap if someone has something unrelated for me that would complement my flock.  All Shetlands are by a F2 Drum Jings, some are also out of F2 Heights Orion ewes.  More info and pictures in the near future.  A got a comment from "Buddha" that I didn't post it because it seemed like spam.  Buddha if you really are looking for Shetlands, please leave me your real name and contact information and I will get back to you.

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