Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Ram lambs for sale.  ALL have some UK genetics (Drum Jings and Heights Orion)  
price $300, $250 if purchased with an unrelated adult ewe.

Ewe lamb for sale, also F3 Drum Jings  $300

I am also willing to part with a few more adult ewes this year.  I  have really have reduced my flock to the very best, but the numbers are still more than I would like to manage at this point.  I don't have a proper herding dog and the unthinkable happened the other day.  My GPS male killed a lamb.  It was heart breaking, one of my favorites of course.  He can jump anything under 5 feet from a stand still.  I am terrified that now that he "got" one we really are going to be in trouble keeping the flock safe.  So my first steps are to reduce my numbers, improve my fencing, and watch him like a hawk.  I have had about five 80 foot trees fall on a fence in every pasture we have over the past 2 years.  With a property that has 1798 printed in the concrete slab in the barn, we have some big old trees, and once they get that big it is just a matter of time.  With each passing storm, I have to make my rounds and make sure they are all still standing.  So with a heavy heart I offer 2 white two year old F2 Drum Jings ewes,  2 Heights Orion ewes (one black the other grey).   I also have a black and a "white spot" that is black based available.  Great opportunity for someone to start (or add to) a very lovely Shetland breeding flock, cross breeding flock, hand spinner's flock, or pet flock.  Multiple purchases qualify for a discount, inquire for pricing, good homes a must.

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  1. Oh Kara, I'm so sorry to hear about the lamb! My Aussie slashed the face of a ewe that charged him, and it just made me sick, because I love both of them. (It wasn't the dog's fault; my husband didn't listen to me and took the dog into the field with ewes and lambs.) I can imagine your pain. That moorit ewe lamb is an absolute DOLL; so pretty!