Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next three ewe lambs retained...

These are HarvestThyme Champ daughters.  A half poll that I used as a flock sire last fall.  He was of Little Country Acres and Windswept lineage.  Two farms you many not seen crossed often as they seem to be of differing philosphies on Appendix A, however the cross made for some really nice results when crossed with what I have here.  Maybe something to be said for middle ground.  The one thing I did not like about this sire was the power struggle he had with the horned rams here.  Maybe he felt he had something to prove, but after fracturing the pelvis of one, he found his way to the freezer.  Before he did he was bred to three ewes with great temperaments, which yeilded great results.

 Black and white ewe with the SOFTEST handle I have EVER felt, and very nice fine, fine, fine crimp.  She is a High Bid Hester daughter and Maple Ridge Logan grand-daughter.  The largest ewe lamb of the crop.

 Mapleton Opal's ewe lamb...would you call her modified?  Opal is a High Bid Kermit and Minwawe Pearl daughter.  I really like this ewe lamb as well.  She is more petite but put together very nicely, and also has very soft finely crimped fleece.
Then we have a Pike Hill Olympia daughter, twin of the handsome gully fawn (mioget?) ram lamb.  Is she  dark enough to call a moorit gulmoget?  The darkest of this year's gullies, but still may be modified.  Her fleece is not quite as fine as her half or full siblilngs, but still a really nice ewe lamb with an awesome personality to match.  I do not believe she is a half poll however, as she has small horn buds herself.  Her twin rammie has very smalll scurrs so is a half poll.  Her face is still not as light as her fawn mom's but her body and legs have gotten pretty light.  Really love some color imput on her and the rest of the gullies you will meet over the next few posts.


  1. I wouldn't presume to guess on colors unless I was there to part their fleeces all over and even then it can be a crap shoot for a year or so!

  2. Hey Kara!! i am finally able to comment on here!!! it wouldnt let me for the longest time!!!! how have things been?? your sheep are awesome!! and yes i would definitely say opal's ewe lamb is modified.

  3. Hi Mac! I have been having trouble too, most of the time I have to comment from my phone and not my computer. Glad to hear from you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! Way behind here, things have been really busy for some reason. No cards, no cookies, wrapping not started. I can do New Year's cards and New Year cookies right? I think it is because of the no snow that this Chrismas seemed to sneak up on me, that and basketball season being in full swing if you know what I mean! Now let's see if blogger will publish my post.