Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well Neville and his ewes are getting along well.  He is very polite.  Even let me catch all of my ewes  for their rabies vaccination boosters when the vet came.  You would think he would have a problem with me separating them out in a catch pen and then going in to get a few that would not leave him, but he was great.  He is such a good ram.  I have a pretty good idea who is in season and will lamb first as them seem to follow him closely.  They too seem to appreciate his gentle nature.  I was so pleased with last years lambs, I am really looking forward to lambs from him again this spring.   In his group to lamb here he has:  two kats (one black, one fawn), two gullies (also one black and one fawn-both I think are modified), two solid moorit, one solid black that I do think is actually modified rather than iset, two grey flecket, one fawn and one black flecket, one black and one musket HST.  All my adult ewes.  All the big B ewes carry little b, with the exception of Hester.  She is BB.  There should be lots of variety of colors, patterns, and even a few spots again! 
 Can Too Sky will be expecting her first lambs.  I am very excited about this pairing.  She is a beautiful ewe.
 Mapleton Peep will hopefully give me a ewe  lamb this year.  Her ram lambs all have been stunning.  I am keeping her moorit (possible modified) son to replace his dad.  Her other HST black and white ram is still for sale, looking for a flock of his own.
More photos of this past year's lambs tomorrow.  Have to go get ready for the ferrier.

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