Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I had said I was keeping 3...

I guess I should have been more specific...
I had only wanted to keep three ewe lambs...TOTAL.  I ended up keeping 3 ewe lambs from each of the main flock sires I used last year.  So I figure that if I use only one flock sire this year, I will be less tempted to keep so many lambs next year, maybe only my target 3.  We will see how that theory pans out.  In the meantime let me reintroduce you to the ewe lambs kept over the next few posts.  I will start with the Neville ewe lambs, which makes them F2 Heights Orions.

These twin ewe lambs are out of Mapleton Peanut.  Both mom and dad have around a 24 average micron and these two did not disappoint.  I will have to get a parted fleece shot for you, they are uper crimpy under their tips and have a lovely hand to their fleece as well.

 I would still consider selling the black ewe lamb, if anyone is doing a little early Christmas shopping, OR her mom rebred to Neville but not both.  I would like to keep at least one in my flock as they really have such lovely fleece.
Then we have the lovely grey ewe lamb out of Minwawe Marshmello.  She is so sweet and a gorgeous color.  Less crimpy, has a looser wave than her siblings but very soft hand.  She also has a longer staple length.  A petite ewe lamb...she is the little might that spent her first night in the house and weighted less than 3 pounds at birth.  She is growing well and I expect her to do a lot of catching up over the winter. 

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