Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burdock Magnets

 Who me?
 What?  Not me, those are thistles!  Oh like that is any better!
 It was the moorit ram lambs idea he said who ever had the most wins!
 Boys will be boys!
 Father and son...ram lamb is for sale.
 Katmoget ram lamb has just a few burdocks.
 Really I am totally innocent...hey I heard a rumor I might have a small group of ewes this fall.  Is that true?  Really?  I promise no more burdocks or thistles for me. 
 Me too.  I heard I might have a few too!
 Hmpf, the shepherd lady said I have to wait till next year. 
 This handsome fellow is looking for a flock of his own. 
 Neville gets the majority of the ewes this fall before he, Sprinkles, and Cotton Candy leave for their new flock.  Pearl is being retained after all and will be added to his group this fall.  See Pearl has a thing about dogs, and the home she was going to was planning to get a LGD, well Pearl would not have that! Therefore she will stay for the season.  Her ewe lamb, Opal's ewe lamb, and one other leave for their new home on Thursday.  Pearl's ram lamb finally made it to the Cape this weekend.  Thanks Veronica!
"Oh by the way I won the burdock game, I am just saying," says Neville

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