Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Final Four

This ram is looking for a flock of his own!   There are only four available registered lambs for sale this fall left.  Dessie's twins.  Which I can't believe are still available as you know they will carry those crazy spots of hers!
 Peanut's black ewe lamb, which I would not be heart broken to have to keep.  She is the softest black lamb of the entire lamb crop.
 Then we have Peep's exceptional black and white ram lamb.  He is maturing into a really nice ram.  He was looked at over the weekend and may be going to a new flock soon.  Six generations back on his pedigree he is related to the flock he may join so it depends if the flock owner wants something 100% unrelated.  I am keeping his solid moorit (maybe modified) twin brother as you know I  am still tinkering with those elusive modified colors.  However this ram is the better ram overall. 
Other sales updates.  Carmel's black and white ram lamb sold this weekend.  The grey kat with the long tail and the mystery gully half poll am unsure what to do with.  They may go to the butcher this fall or  be wethered and wintered over.  I will sell either/ both at a deep discount without papers if you want to give them a home to save them from the table.

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