Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Update

I rode my horse Tess today and I really need to lighten the work load here to make more time to ride my horses more often.  It is after all the reason we moved to the country.  Tess pictured in the fore ground is wonderful under saddle, despite being a diva in the pasture.  Looks like a little work would be good for all the horses and well as me.  So I am going on a mission to get us all in shape.  Maybe I will even take her to a show this fall.

I like having less chickens.  A flock of five seems to be just about right.  The year old layers are giving us about a dozen eggs a week which is just fine for now.  The other two pullets should join in this fall.

In terms of sheep and goats.  I would like to get down to 2 goats and 20 or less sheep.  Storm below is sold and will be picked up next month.  The brown based F2 yuglet in the last post is also sold and is awaiting transportation to Cape Cod.  So I guess that brings me down to I have 50% of my flock still for sale.
 There are plenty of mature sheep as well as lambs looking for good homes, and I will be posting pictures of them throughout the summer:


  1. Lovely sheep shots Kara. Makes me want to go shopping, but of coarse, I have sheep that have to move along to a new home too. You shouldn't have too much trouble, your sheep are very nice.

  2. Gee, I didn't realize you had that many sheep! This year I had 22 sheared as opposed to 40 last year and it was nice. That is a comfortable number for me now, though I have too many goats right now! Hope your summer is going well and your enjoying time with your kids!