Friday, July 8, 2011

Moorit Photos for e s

 F2 Heights Orion light moorit (possibly fawn) ewe lamb (Swiftriver Neville X Minwawe Marshmello)

Opal's twin ewe lamb experienced transportation trouble to TN so is again available for sale (HarvestThyme Champ X Mapleton Opal) possible half poll.
 Dessie's ewe lamb (Mapleton Zeus X Mapleton Destiny) is very dark moorit at skin.
 Group photo to show shades of moorit:
 Yearling Bella still petite for her age but very cute and has the crimpiest loviest fiber!
 Peanut and Neville's ewe lamb...replacing her mother in my flock...Peanut is for an example of what she produces:
 Dessie's most awesome HORNED ram lamb:
 Such fine, shinny, soft crimp coming in under his lamb coat.  Oh I do love the kats!

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  1. Looks like Bella and Marshmello's ewe lamb have been selected! Thanks and Congrats!