Monday, July 25, 2011

A break in the weather so time for a quick update...

No AC in a house built in 1850.  Radiant heat so no hope for central air.  Window units not practical with 10 foot ceilings.  So when it hits 100...we hit the lake!  We don't own a boat but they sure do make a pretty picture! Sorry for the lack of posts...simply too hot. 
 German Shorthaired Pointer update.  This is Reilly...not Rose.  I have to double take most of the time now.  She is a beautiful dog, sweet, and smart.  She still most likely going to a family friend...just depends on which family friend is really serious.  The ones we held her for decided they are not ready.  Another is coming next week and will most likely purchase her.  If not, a third is still considering her.  Weddings, babies, and new jobs have been the reason for all the indecision.  Between the three, one of those excellent homes should work out for her.  She is a special pup and we are very attached to her so we needed to know where she is going.  She was the one that I saved during delivery and had to get breathing.  Therefore, always my sentimental favorite.  Unfortunately Rose and Lucy (our other GSP) think two puppies is too many.  Rose does much better with the male pup as the breeder of the stud dog told us she would.

 Finn the male pup we are keeping:
 Making sure no upland birds bother the sheep!
 After the chicken fiasco.  I have been locking in the sheep every night into the welded wire which they are destroying.  Time to get them up front in the south pasture and hope that fence stays hot enough to keep them safe.
 They have been let out everyday into electronet, but it has been so dry the pastures are not what they usually are.
 I have some really beautiful sheep and lambs still available for sale.  Prices are negotiable to the right homes. Please inquire!

 Quechee's lambs are too cute.  The gully in front and the gul/kat to the left.  The lamb to the back is sold and waiting for pick up.
Hope everyone is tolerating the heat.  We did get a little much needed rain today.  I hope we get more soon.  I never remember a July this hot or this dry.  Record breaking last week!  Blogger is not letting me comment anymore...must be something on my new computer locks me out.  When I have the patience to struggle through my lack of texting skills, I can sometimes leave a message from my phone.  So on that note Kelly and Kristi thanks for visiting and commenting on my last post.


  1. i know you said you cant comment but i just had to tell you how CUTE quechee's gulmoget is!!!! :-) she has an awesome color!

  2. I have a twin to your black krunet the black lambs, so I'm a push over for them. I have to agree with Mac, the fawn gully is quite striking. Unfortunately, my lambs keep changing so much, I am holding off on a final sales list until fall. We finally got some rain, here's to hoping it makes it to you next, we had been feeding hay, so the rain was very welcome.