Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update and Slight Change in Plans

 Neville's group is still in the front pasture...hopefully not being blown away by our windy weather.
 Twin Springs Cotton Candy - flock first Shetland.
 Her triplet daughters Mapleton Peanut Brittle and Mapleton Carmel Apple.
 The whole breeding group:  Minwawe Pearl back left and Minwawe Marshmello and her daughter Mapleton Peep bottom right.

Well I let the ewe lambs and goats out the other day on a day that was really nice and Sky and Hope were over at the ram lambs fence wagging their tails and making them crazy.  So in a split minute decision I gave Can Too Sky and Mapleton Storm, and Mapleton Hope and Spring Hills Patches a place of their own.
Stormy and Sky in the vacated pig tractor.
Patches and Hope in the vacant hoop house. 
I just couldn't let those cute little spotted faced boys sit this one out after all.  I also like knowing my yearling rams are proven, it gives me more confidence in my breeding groups.  Well that is my rationalization anyhow.

I think I will let Patches be "clean up" ram for all the breeding groups in a couple of weeks.  Champ and Neville's groups are still together for a few more days.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind or changing your plans. You should end up with a lot of lovely lambs. Can't wait to see them!